The Voskeporik Development Center’s Peace Angels are representations of our children’s creativity, small pieces of art created in collaboration between children with and without disabilities. Every time children come together to make these angels, they learn about each other. Each painting event teaches children how to interact and care for one another. Children who are isolated and hidden from society meet others, and everyone learns to work together and cooperate in order to reach our goal of supporting children with disabilities.

We make and sell angels because they represent the children who create them, and because those who buy them become their guardian angels. By purchasing one of Voskeporik’s Peace Angels, you show love, care, respect, and attention to a child who may not have experienced any of that in their lifetime. Voskeporik’s goal is to provide children with disabilities with love, and to provide them with much-needed resources.

Each Peace Angel represents a child’s unique soul, and is filled with their love.