Children live in a fairy tale world where everything is magic, everything that happens around them and everything they do. This proved to be true once again in the second studio this year held by the Art Opens Doors project on March 30th at the Martuni Cultural House.

150 students participated in the studio, children with and without disabilities. It was run by the magicians Nahapet Arshakyan and Narek Ghalayan. They took the children to a magical world where miracles exist and laughs are loud, where the happiness and smiles of children are enough to convince you that all will be well.

Every child in attendance was impressed by the magic of Arshakyan and Ghalayan. Children with and without disabilities had time to be together, to learn to understand each other, and to accept each other, all facilitated by this studio. Through these studios, Voskeporik hopes to encourage the acceptance of people with disabilities in the Martuni community.