Voskeporik’s Art Opens Doors project, which focuses on improving the integration of children with disabilities into society, began its 2019 iteration one month ago. Following the project’s launch in 2018, our big studios continue to advance our goals and support children’s growth.

On the last day of winter, children gathered for the year’s first studio. Voskeporik Development Center worked with the Martuni Mush Complex, where the studio was held in the children’s area. Supported by Martuni’s athletes and Mush’s staff, and with the leadership of Voskeporik’s teachers, everyone involved had a great deal of fun. The children were delighted, and benefited from the athlete’s attention, the welcome from the staff of Mush Complex, and the everlasting dedication and love from Voskeporik’s teachers. Everyone involved contributed to the studio’s success. Words to not suffice to describe this day.

We would like to thank the Mush Complex Directors Saro Ghazaryan and Aram Manukyan, Armenian arm-wrestling champion Mher Ghazaryan, athletes Artur Sirakanyan and Sedrak Gasparyan, and our indispensable teachers. Your cooperation and devotion is the reason for so many children’s wide smiles.