Over the years, the creative process involved in the Beacons project has become part of the participants’ futures. Our musicians realize that they have a long way to go in terms of study, education, and development of their chosen specialization, but they’ve initiated work with other children to share their own knowledge about the art field.

As a way to move towards that goal, the Beacons dedicated the year 2018 to their slogan “Kids for Kids.” Everything they undertook fell under that particular heading. The children collaborated professionally and with pure minds, and the product of this work was interesting and desired.

In August 2018, the Beacons traveled to Istanbul. For two weeks, the children were hosted on Kinaliada Island at the “Recreation Station” summer camp. These young musicians presented pure Armenian music to Armenian vacationers. They interacted with others, created together, worked, and put on three concerts.

The Beacons are continuing this work. “Kids for Kids” still has a lot to do.