In 2017, four painters from the Beacons project – Hasmik, Mari, Narek, and Mher – used their fall vacation to begin an important mission. They prepared a surprise for the three to five-year-old children at the Voskeporik Aesthetic Development Center in Martuni, Gegharkunik marz.

On one of Voskeporik’s walls, they depicted the world as it appears in their imaginations. This world has a warm sun, unlimited love, united families, and pure friendship. Inspired by the surprise and excitement of the kids at Voskeporik, the Beacons led their first master class for them. The Beacons enjoyed their full and beautiful day at Voskeporik. They saw Sevan in the golden autumn colors, prayed at Hayravank, and felt the delight of giving knowledge and love to children.