Voskeporik Aesthetic Development Center opened its doors on October 5, 2017, in Martuni, Gegharkunik marz. The center implements educational programs for children of different age groups. These programs include general aesthetic education lessons and meetings such as: music, fine arts, theater, journalism, cinema, national dance and music, healthy lifestyle, and environmental protection.

One of Voskeporik’s biggest goals is to open centers in other regions in Armenia. This will ensure the younger generation’s recognition and preservation of not only the Armenian culture, but also the cultural heritage they had at birth.

In early December of the same year, Voskeporik added children with special needs to its list of students. This goal of this specific program is societal inclusion for children with special needs, as well as the reduction of factors within the community that prevent this process. The program includes providing sand, water, and drama therapies. Through inviting musicians, painters, and artists from other specialties, the children will interact with them and benefit from the healing, constructive, developing, and educational superpowers of art.

Voskeporik is Armenia’s cultural treasury, and to fill that treasury we must put it in the safest of hands – those most trustworthy hands of children, especially those children who have unlimited love and are in need of care. Their hands are the surest, their hearts the most open.