In 2016, 100 Beacons became an independent project called Beacons. In 2016, it was dedicated to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia. Twenty-five years is a generation. In that quarter-century, Armenia and Artsakh’s first independent generation has grown up, a generation that has only known an independent homeland.

The goal of the Beacons project is to reveal the ideas of self-confidence, freedom, and independence in young people’s hearts and minds, opening up for them a promising future.

The 2016 master class was dedicated to Independence. It began on June 7th, and was run by Arusyak Sahakyan who is expert in philological sciences, a docent, and an honored figure in Armenian culture. This meeting was named “It’s You.” Grandma Arusyak (she likes when children address her this way) talked with the children very clearly, but about very important things. They talked about how for thousands of years, man has been surrounded, educated, and shaped as a person, nation, and people. She encouraged them to be attentive to the voice of nature, the voice of the universe, to embrace nature often and look at the starry sky. Mrs. Sahakyan asked the children to remain small as long as possible.